Commission Information

Last updated 2023-05-06


✔ Will do! ✔

  • Original characters, real people

  • Any age, gender, sexuality, body type, etc. No fetishes.

  • Characters from media (TV, movies, video games, etc. May differ by copyright)

  • Fan-made characters

  • Humans, some half-human half-animal hybrids **No Beastiality.

  • Supernatural humanoid characters

  • Mild gore and/or nudity **

  • Most animals**

  • Mild NSFW/suggestive content **Upon special request. Must provide proof of age (eg. PayPal account, age in bio proof in multiple places, etc.)

  • Anthropomorphic animals/furries **Upon special request.

✖ Won’t do! ✖

  • Explicit nude, sexual, or violent content (May change in the future.)

  • Material offensive to race, sexuality, gender, religion, etc. (Includes cult, religious, or gang-related pieces, messages, or characters.)

  • “Pre-orders”. Please do not ask for a commission when they are closed “for when they open again”. If they are closed, I’ll let you know when they should be open again!

  • Some infants and elderly people (Improving at anatomy. Might change in the future.)

Anything marked with ** is something that must be checked with me beforehand, often due to what I may be comfortable doing or what I’m able to draw in general.

If you are unsure if something you want violates these rules or not, please feel free to ask me! If I’m okay with it, I’ll do it. If not, then we can work something out or you can ask someone else. I completely understand. :) All payments can be made through e-transfer, Ko-fi, or paypal. Please mention the payment process in the email or message.

  • All prices in USD. All listed amounts are starting prices. Complexity will raise the price.

  • For more examples, please visit my Twitter or my portfolio gallery!

  • I always send my sketch before I move forward with the piece. Along with this, I also only post a compressed, overlaid .jpeg online to my media and portfolio. Only the client and I will have the final, unedited, high-definition version.

  • Manufacturing and shipping prices (e.g. for buying a print of the piece) will be included in the final price.

** All artwork by me is therefore owned by me. You are not authorized to claim the work as your own, nor are you entitled to redistribution of the piece for commercial use. As such, every drawing has a watermark/signature. You are also not authorized to the removal or edit of this signature, nor the overriding of it with another.
With the current issue of NFTs, I do NOT authorize the selling or involvement of my work period, let alone commissions, with this method. If you see my work within this, please email me immediately.
For questions or concerns with this, please talk to me!

Inquiry requirements and payment

Inquiry Requirements

  • Type of commission

  • Reference(s)

  • Preferred payment method (or possible alternatives!)

  • Style: I will default to my usual, semi-realistic style unless discussed otherwise. Examples of this can be seen in the secondary cartoon style I like to use and other examples shown in the "special requests" section (such as realism or surrealism).

Payment Options

🍁 Canadian clients: You can also send me an Interac e-Transfer at [email protected]!
For most commissions, I will require at least 50% upfront and 50% when I've finished the piece or 100% payment upfront, usually up to the client's discretion and preference. For multiple pieces or large projects, we can also do increments or multiple payments. These vary and are discussed case-by-case.

prices and examples

Click the images to access full view!
For more examples, please visit my portfolio.

Sketchy Icons


Character Sketches

$50 for full-body
+$25 per additional character
$30 for headshot/bust
+$15 per additional character

Bust │ Simple Background

+$30 per additional character

Bust │ Complex Background

+$35 per additional character

Thigh-up │ Simple Background

+$40 per additional character

Thigh-up │ Complex Background

+$50 per additional character

Full-body │ Simple Background

+$60 per additional character

Full-body │ Complex Background

+$75 per additional character

Character design

One character
Refs required

Photorealism Portrait

One person or animal only
Photo reference(s) required


Shipping required: will be included in the final price. 8.5"x11" or 11"x14" options: other sizes considered upon request and will cost more. I like doing hockey players and animals!

Other Paintings/special request

Includes landscapes, tattoo designs, and other style approaches.

Questions and links

If you have questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to talk to me! I'm also extremely open to new work and ideas, so feel free to take a shot in the dark on special requests or ideas that might not be shown in my examples. Speaking of examples, below are some helpful links to contact me or see more of my work. :)You can contact me via email, discord (Sie#2055), or by following one of the links on my homepage carrd.